Atlas Roof Shingles: Slate and Three-Tab

When it’s time for a roof repair, your choice of shingles matters as much as your choice of roofers. With plenty of manufacturers on the market, you might be wondering which roof shingles are best, and it’s a good question. Well, as the fourth-generation of roofers in my family, I’ve come to use one manufacturer and one manufacturer alone: Atlas. To put it simply, I only trust Atlas roof shingles when it comes to my customers’ homes. Under the Atlas umbrella, however, you have a lot of options. That’s why, in this post and the next, we’re looking at what each of the different types of Atlas shingles has to offer.

When it comes to Atlas roof shingles, there are three basic styles: “slate,” “three-tab,” and “architectural.” We’ll dive into slate and three-tab here. But choosing your shingle style will depend on a variety of factors including budget, aesthetics, and local weather. Regardless of what you pick, however, me and my team’s experience as roof repair professionals has taught us that Atlas just doesn’t make bad shingles.

Atlas Roof Shingles: Three-Tab

Freshly installed Atlas three-tab roof shingles above a pretty green yard and flower bed.


Atlas GlassMaster® shingles are a solid roofing and roof repair option. That’s because they combine great value with an Atlas roof shingles 30-year limited warranty. Additionally, their Class A wind resistance, algae-resistant design, and eligibility for a Signature Select Warranty upgrade make these a great choice for a wide variety of homes. Overall, it’s easy to see why GlassMaster® shingles are one of the best options for homeowners who want security without breaking the bank.

Key Features

  1. Signature Select Eligibility
  2. 30-year Limited Warranty
  3. Wind Resistant up to 60 miles per hour
  4. Algae-Resistant Design

GlassMaster® Color options

Black Shadow, Burnt Sienna, Cool White, Desert Shake, Hearthstone Gray, Heatherblend, Oyster Shell, Pewter, Tan Mist, & Weathered Wood.


Legend® shingles are an Atlas Roofing designer option. To that end, they offer stunning color juxtapositions and a longer warranty than Glassmaster® shingles. The Scotchgard protector and “Holmes approved” status mean that these shingles will stay beautiful in the long run. For that reason, these are the roof shingles we recommend for homeowners who want high class without going all out on slate shingles.

Key Features

  1. Signature Select Eligibility
  2. 40-year Limited Warranty
  3. Wind Resistant up to 110 miles per hour
  4. Scotchgard Protection
  5. Holmes Approved Product

Legend® Color Options

Black Shadow, Desert Shake, Hearthstone Gray, Heatherblend, & Weathered Wood.

Atlas Roof Shingles: Slate

StormMaster® Slate

StormMaster® Slate shingles are a premium option from Atlas. These are hands-down the best slate shingles Atlas makes. StormMaster® Slate shingles come with all of the key features you can expect in Legend® three-tabs and then some. One cool “extra” that homeowners get with this line is its revolutionary Core4 Technology. This tech supports your roof with modified polymer technology, thermal stability, extreme weather resistance, and superior flexibility and toughness.

On top of the new Core4 tech, these shingles come with a lifetime limited warranty and the second-highest wind resistance rating you can get. But homeowners may love the Class 4 Impact Resistance rating the most for its long-run savings. With this rating, homeowners in Michigan and Ohio are extremely likely to be eligible for an insurance premium discount.

*Fun Fact: That particular link is for State Farm Insurance, but GPro Exteriors is among only 10% of roofers with licensed insurance adjusters who can speak with any insurance company on your behalf to secure you the most beneficial insurance claim possible for your roof repair or new roof cost.

Key Features

  1. Signature Select Eligibility
  2. Lifetime Limited Warranty
  3. Wind Resistant up to 130 miles per hour
  4. Scotchgard Protection
  5. Holmes Approved Product
  6. Class 4 Impact Resistant
  7. Core4 Enhanced Polymer Technology

StormMaster® Slate Color Options

Blackstone Slate, Chalkstone Slate, Emerald Slate, Hearthstone Slate, Pewter Slate, & Weathered Slate.

Choosing the Right Atlas Roof Shingles For You

GPro Exteriors has been around the block as roofers doing roof repair jobs in Detroit and Columbus. Because of that, we understand every homeowner’s needs are a little different. So we can help you decide which shingles make the most sense for YOUR home, budget, and insurance situation. Likewise, it may turn out you don’t even need a roof shingles repair at all! For that reason, we always recommend getting a free, no-contact drone estimate.

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Drone footage of a roofer on top of a home with newly installed Atlas roof shingles.

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