Atlas Roof Shingles: Slate and Three-Tab

When it’s time for a roof repair, your choice of shingles matters as much as your choice of roofers. With plenty of manufacturers on the market, you might be wondering which roof shingles are best, and it’s a good question. Well, as the fourth-generation of roofers in my family, I’ve come to use one manufacturer and one manufacturer alone: Atlas. To put it simply, I only trust Atlas roof shingles when it comes to my customers’ homes. Under the Atlas umbrella, however, you have a lot of options. That’s why, in this post and the next, we’re looking at what each of the different types of Atlas shingles has to offer.

When it comes to Atlas roof shingles, there are three basic styles: “slate,” “three-tab,” and “architectural.” We’ll dive into slate and three-tab here. But choosing your shingle style will depend on a variety of factors including budget, aesthetics, and local weather. Regardless of what you pick, however, me and my team’s experience as roof repair professionals has taught us that Atlas just doesn’t make bad shingles.

Atlas Roof Shingles: Three-Tab

Freshly installed Atlas three-tab roof shingles above a pretty green yard and flower bed.


Atlas GlassMaster® shingles are a solid roofing and roof repair option. That’s because they combine great value with an Atlas roof shingles 30-year limited warranty. Additionally, their Class A wind resistance, algae-resistant design, and eligibility for a Signature Select Warranty upgrade make these a great choice for a wide variety of homes. Overall, it’s easy to see why GlassMaster® shingles are one of the best options for homeowners who want security without breaking the bank.

Key Features

  1. Signature Select Eligibility
  2. 30-year Limited Warranty
  3. Wind Resistant up to 60 miles per hour
  4. Algae-Resistant Design

GlassMaster® Color options

Black Shadow, Burnt Sienna, Cool White, Desert Shake, Hearthstone Gray, Heatherblend, Oyster Shell, Pewter, Tan Mist, & Weathered Wood.


Legend® shingles are an Atlas Roofing designer option. To that end, they offer stunning color juxtapositions and a longer warranty than Glassmaster® shingles. The Scotchgard protector and “Holmes approved” status mean that these shingles will stay beautiful in the long run. For that reason, these are the roof shingles we recommend for homeowners who want high class without going all out on slate shingles.

Key Features

  1. Signature Select Eligibility
  2. 40-year Limited Warranty
  3. Wind Resistant up to 110 miles per hour
  4. Scotchgard Protection
  5. Holmes Approved Product

Legend® Color Options

Black Shadow, Desert Shake, Hearthstone Gray, Heatherblend, & Weathered Wood.

Atlas Roof Shingles: Slate

StormMaster® Slate

StormMaster® Slate shingles are a premium option from Atlas. These are hands-down the best slate shingles Atlas makes. StormMaster® Slate shingles come with all of the key features you can expect in Legend® three-tabs and then some. One cool “extra” that homeowners get with this line is its revolutionary Core4 Technology. This tech supports your roof with modified polymer technology, thermal stability, extreme weather resistance, and superior flexibility and toughness.

On top of the new Core4 tech, these shingles come with a lifetime limited warranty and the second-highest wind resistance rating you can get. But homeowners may love the Class 4 Impact Resistance rating the most for its long-run savings. With this rating, homeowners in Michigan and Ohio are extremely likely to be eligible for an insurance premium discount.

*Fun Fact: That particular link is for State Farm Insurance, but GPro Exteriors is among only 10% of roofers with licensed insurance adjusters who can speak with any insurance company on your behalf to secure you the most beneficial insurance claim possible for your roof repair or new roof cost.

Key Features

  1. Signature Select Eligibility
  2. Lifetime Limited Warranty
  3. Wind Resistant up to 130 miles per hour
  4. Scotchgard Protection
  5. Holmes Approved Product
  6. Class 4 Impact Resistant
  7. Core4 Enhanced Polymer Technology

StormMaster® Slate Color Options

Blackstone Slate, Chalkstone Slate, Emerald Slate, Hearthstone Slate, Pewter Slate, & Weathered Slate.

Choosing the Right Atlas Roof Shingles For You

GPro Exteriors has been around the block as roofers doing roof repair jobs in Detroit and Columbus. Because of that, we understand every homeowner’s needs are a little different. So we can help you decide which shingles make the most sense for YOUR home, budget, and insurance situation. Likewise, it may turn out you don’t even need a roof shingles repair at all! For that reason, we always recommend getting a free, no-contact drone estimate.

FREE Drone Estimate For Your Roof 🚁

Schedule a time for your free drone inspection, and see why America likes to go with the pros!

Drone footage of a roofer on top of a home with newly installed Atlas roof shingles.

Roof damaged by wind or hail? For this reason, our adjusters are licensed to get you the highest possible insurance claim. That means that GPro can handle your roof damage insurance claim and then send you a team of roofers to put a stronger roof over your head than you had in the first place. We’re an Atlas Pro Installer, an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor, and we also boast an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. So when it comes to a roof repair or installing new Atlas roofing shingles, our customers know we’re the best in the midwest.

Drone Roof Inspection Is the Way of the Future

Our team has a tradition of doing things a bit differently. We strive daily to be the best roofing option in Columbus and Detroit, but we also look to be the most innovative. Besides our one-of-a-kind pet-friendly approach to roof repairs, we offer a variety of options for customers to receive their free estimates on roof repair work. Text estimates, email quotes, and (socially-distanced) in-person visits are available, but our most innovative and exciting method is a drone roof inspection. That’s right! We will send our company drone to your house if you choose. In fact, we truly hope you do! Besides just being awesome, drone roof inspection is also a very practical means of giving estimates. Here are a few reasons why the roofing industry is looking at drones for the future of roof repair estimates:

Social Distancing

This is the big one, of course. It’s the primary reason we at GPro believe investing in drone technology is a wise decision for roofing contractors. Keeping our customers safe is one of 3 core promises we make to every customer, and we take that seriously. We also happen to like our employees. As of the date of publication, maintaining social distance is still highly advisable. We want to continue doing our part, and drone estimates help us limit contact. As an essential service, GPro Exteriors has fully complied with healthcare officials throughout the COVID-19 outbreak. Anything that we can do to keep you safe — we’re going to do it. And hey, if you get a cool drone visit out of the deal… even better, right?


Nothing says “precise” like HD video footage. Choosing a drone roof inspection lets our company get everything we need to give you an extremely realistic cost estimate of any roof repair work your home needs. If we have any questions at all, it takes mere seconds to go back over the footage. This lets our team proceed with confidence to every job. Using drones for roofing estimates (window, siding, and gutter estimates too, where needed) can significantly cut down on miscommunication and mistakes. We take pride in being precise with our work as well as with the information we give our customers. Drones help our team live up to this benchmark of quality.

Response Time

In general, an in-person estimate may sound alright. But when a roofing contractor tells you it will take days to get someone out to your home, that can be a problem. Especially if your home is critically damaged and you need a roof shingles repair company immediately. All the hassle of waiting around becomes a non-issue with drone estimates. Even in busy season, GPro can get you a free estimate as soon as your schedule permits. Simply let us know what time works best for you (in case any of the family wants to be there to watch a professional drone in action!).

No matter how you look at it, drones are shaping up to be a big part of the future of roof repairs. We’re excited to be a part of that evolution. Stay safe out there, and let us know anytime you could use a free, no obligation drone estimate.


*To see the kind of detail a quality drone can provide, check out some of our on-site footage.


3 Promises Every Roof Repair Customer Deserves

Finding a local contractor to repair your roof or exterior can seem daunting. It takes time to check reviews, policies, and pricing. That’s why we make a point of keeping things simple for our customers. As a regional roofing company operating in the Columbus and Detroit areas, we try to make key information accessible to folks searching for roofing contractors. We recognize that a lot of the stress of finding a contractor comes from not always knowing what you’re going to get, so we thought we’d let you in on the three core promises you get every time you hire GPro Exteriors — three promises we believe every customer deserves.

Safety During Your Roof Repair

This should be a given with any roofing company, but we do make a special point of having policies for your peace of mind. Our roofers understand that a roof isn’t just another job site — it’s someone’s home. Being a good houseguest means recognizing that you have invited us to your home and acting accordingly. It means not leaving dangerous machinery on your lawn. GPro will always go the extra mile to guarantee a safe environment for all throughout the duration of every roof repair.

And we do mean ALL! GPro Exteriors is Columbus and Detroit’s only pet-friendly roofing company with specific pet policies that take every member of your family into account. Ask us about our pet boarding services, in case you’d like to send your furry friend to the spa while we’re working.

Cleanliness During Your Roof Repair

While roofing, siding, window, and gutter repairs can be messy projects, we keep our job sites tidy. We promise not to take your home hostage for the duration of our contract, and we won’t leave trash lying around. The last thing a customer should have to worry about is contractors trashing their yard. Once you meet our team of roofing pros, it won’t even cross your mind.

roofing drone image 8
GPro roofers on the job.

Quality For Decades to Come

If you’re wondering how to fix a leaking roof, different contractors will tell you different things. We can only vouch for our own work — which we do. Included in every roof repair and new roof cost is a promise we challenge our competitors to make:

Your new shingles? We guarantee ’em for life.

We can afford to slap that guarantee on our work for one simple reason: We have access to the only shingles on the market that are stain-resistant up to 130 m.p.h. winds. These are the strongest roof shingles manufactured anywhere, and we promise you they’ll protect your home from anything short of a severe tornado.

Got a problem with your roof? Get your free estimate today, and get covered by the pros. GPro Exteriors promises our customers the best roof repair results in all of Columbus and Detroit. We also promise the best experience. Our team takes the time to ensure every house remains a home throughout our visits. It’s why so many people trust us, and we’re damn proud of it. Your property will remain absolutely safe, your yard will look pristine, and your home? It’ll look nothing short of amazing when we leave. That’s our promise to you.

How to Keep Your Pets Safe and Happy During a Roof Repair

It’s unfortunate how rarely roofing companies consider family pets. So how does a responsible dog or cat owner keep their pets safe during a big roof repair job? While 67% of homes in the U.S. include a pet, good luck finding reviews for the local pet-friendly roofer on Yelp. This leaves a lot of families having to ask the question for themselves. When I find a roofing contractor I like, what can I do to make sure my pets are taken care of?  

 1. Don’t be shy about asking if your contractor is a pet-friendly roofer

Not all roofing companies are going to have a dedicated policy around pets on the job site. Still, if you bring it up, they may be willing to pay extra attention. If your dog or cat is extra sensitive to noise, it may be worth asking what kind of equipment the crew will be using and how loud they anticipate the work being. 

Puppies deserve a pet-friendly roofer
Puppies deserve a pet-friendly roofer.

If you’re not sure whether or not you have a truly pet-friendly roofer on the job, you’ll probably want to limit outside time. Closer supervision over your pets, while they are outside, is advisable. Consider taking your little friend for a walk while the roofing contractors are working instead.       

2. See if friends or family can watch your pets

The old tried and true method for pet care. If your four-legged companion doesn’t do so well with added activity and commotion around the house, why not see if someone’s willing to take care of the little guy or gal for a while? This may be a perfect solution in the event of a quick roof repair.

If you Fido’s not going to handle a bunch of roofers on the property and the friend fix isn’t going to cut it either, we really recommend the third option.

3. Consider pet boarding for 100% safety 

Of course, a surefire way to be certain your pets are safe and happy is to send them to a professional boarding service. It’s the answer we ultimately advise at GPro Exteriors. So what? I’m getting a new roof AND I have to pay for pet boarding now too?  Well, not necessarily. GPro Exteriors is on a mission to be the go-to pet-friendly roofer in the Midwest. We recently began offering our Columbus and Detroit area customers overnight pet hotel stays for up to two family pets. It’s a free service we offer to provide some extra peace of mind to what we understand can be a jarring process.

Some pets can’t stand to part with their people and vice-versa. We understand that too. Our team of roofers uses special equipment to maintain pet-friendly, pet-conscious, and pet-safe yards while we’re working on your premises and after we finish the job. If you’re in the Columbus or Detroit metropolitan or outlying areas, give us a call.

When you need a new roof, you need a new roof. We don’t advise putting this off too long. When a roof is in bad shape it can be a safety issue. It’s time to get it fixed. If you’re worried about your new roof cost coupled with the stress and potential added expense of taking care of your pets through it, you do have options. If you’re living in the Greater Columbus or Detroit areas, call us up for a free virtual quote (we’ll send out our company drone!) and of course, ask about our free pet boarding services. We’re pretty proud to be able to offer the service. Otherwise, while it may take a little extra work, there are ways to ensure your pets remain just as safe and happy as ever while you’re securing a strong roof over their heads for years to come.