How to Choose Window Replacement Companies in Columbus, Ohio

There’s no wrong time of year to upgrade the windows in a home, but it is good to do so before the cold really sets in. Of course, finding the best window replacement company near you with a reasonable window replacement cost can feel daunting. But if you really need new windows, there’s no escaping it. With winter just around the corner, many folks are starting to look at getting windows replaced or repaired. No one wants inefficient insulation when the winter hits. Why? Well, it gets chilly here in Columbus! Not to mention our Detroit customers, who are used to dealing with more than 40 inches of snow each year. As with most things, the contractors you choose will make a difference, so here are a few things to look for when considering different window replacement companies in Columbus, Ohio or anywhere else in America’s heartland.

What is the Average Cost to Replace Windows in Columbus and Detroit?

Window replacement cost is certainly one of the most important factors homeowners want to consider when choosing between window replacement companies in Columbus, Ohio or Detroit. The price can fluctuate slightly depending on different variables, of course. But if a roofing contractor is charging you much more than $550 for each window replaced, there’s a good chance you’re paying too much.

The Bottom Line

What is the average cost to replace windows? $550 per window.

How Do Window Replacement Companies Deal With My Pets?

Bijon sitting on dog bed by windows.

This is of extreme importance to most pet owners. Some dogs are shy or get worked up around faces they don’t know. We always recommend bringing it up ahead of time with any Columbus windows and siding companies you hire when you know you’ll have a pet at home during a job. Let them know that pet-friendliness is a priority to you.

Important Note: GPro Exteriors offers FREE pet boarding services for roofing customers! So if you find yourself in need of roof work along with the best window replacement results money can buy, you won’t find a more pet-friendly option in Columbus or Detroit. Guaranteed.

Will Window Replacement Companies in Columbus, Ohio & Detroit Be Honest With Me?

We sure hope so! The best window replacement companies in these cities certainly are. They won’t try to sell you something you don’t need. But why take someone else’s word for it when you can get a pretty good idea of your window replacement needs for yourself? There are some obvious signs you’ll need to make room in your budget for a window replacement cost. These include things like cracked glass or rainwater getting in around the edges. But as an additional rule of thumb, if your windows haven’t been replaced in 30 years or more, it may be time.

With fall upon us and winter coming, it’s a great time to think about the windows in your home. The temperatures are dropping and the leaves will soon start to change. Hot apple cider and trips to the pumpkin patch are enough to warm any Midwestern soul. But when you head home for a cozy evening, we all want to leave that chill outside where it belongs! Properly installed, fairly priced, and energy-efficient windows from the Columbus window and siding companies you can trust will let you do just that without breaking the bank.

GPro Exterior's mascot, G Dog, pictured as a Dalmatian flying with a cape.            GPro Exteriors, one of the best window replacement companies in Columbus, Ohio.


How to Keep Your Pets Safe and Happy During a Roof Repair

It’s unfortunate how rarely roofing companies consider family pets. So how does a responsible dog or cat owner keep their pets safe during a big roof repair job? While 67% of homes in the U.S. include a pet, good luck finding reviews for the local pet-friendly roofer on Yelp. This leaves a lot of families having to ask the question for themselves. When I find a roofing contractor I like, what can I do to make sure my pets are taken care of?  

 1. Don’t be shy about asking if your contractor is a pet-friendly roofer

Not all roofing companies are going to have a dedicated policy around pets on the job site. Still, if you bring it up, they may be willing to pay extra attention. If your dog or cat is extra sensitive to noise, it may be worth asking what kind of equipment the crew will be using and how loud they anticipate the work being. 

Puppies deserve a pet-friendly roofer
Puppies deserve a pet-friendly roofer.

If you’re not sure whether or not you have a truly pet-friendly roofer on the job, you’ll probably want to limit outside time. Closer supervision over your pets, while they are outside, is advisable. Consider taking your little friend for a walk while the roofing contractors are working instead.       

2. See if friends or family can watch your pets

The old tried and true method for pet care. If your four-legged companion doesn’t do so well with added activity and commotion around the house, why not see if someone’s willing to take care of the little guy or gal for a while? This may be a perfect solution in the event of a quick roof repair.

If you Fido’s not going to handle a bunch of roofers on the property and the friend fix isn’t going to cut it either, we really recommend the third option.

3. Consider pet boarding for 100% safety 

Of course, a surefire way to be certain your pets are safe and happy is to send them to a professional boarding service. It’s the answer we ultimately advise at GPro Exteriors. So what? I’m getting a new roof AND I have to pay for pet boarding now too?  Well, not necessarily. GPro Exteriors is on a mission to be the go-to pet-friendly roofer in the Midwest. We recently began offering our Columbus and Detroit area customers overnight pet hotel stays for up to two family pets. It’s a free service we offer to provide some extra peace of mind to what we understand can be a jarring process.

Some pets can’t stand to part with their people and vice-versa. We understand that too. Our team of roofers uses special equipment to maintain pet-friendly, pet-conscious, and pet-safe yards while we’re working on your premises and after we finish the job. If you’re in the Columbus or Detroit metropolitan or outlying areas, give us a call.

When you need a new roof, you need a new roof. We don’t advise putting this off too long. When a roof is in bad shape it can be a safety issue. It’s time to get it fixed. If you’re worried about your new roof cost coupled with the stress and potential added expense of taking care of your pets through it, you do have options. If you’re living in the Greater Columbus or Detroit areas, call us up for a free virtual quote (we’ll send out our company drone!) and of course, ask about our free pet boarding services. We’re pretty proud to be able to offer the service. Otherwise, while it may take a little extra work, there are ways to ensure your pets remain just as safe and happy as ever while you’re securing a strong roof over their heads for years to come.